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Welcome to the home page of the Universal Mind Organisation.

We hope the information contained within this website will assist you in understanding the purpose and activities of The Universal Mind Organisation, as well as assist you in obtaining a preliminary level of understanding regarding our teachings. We believe that spirituality is not concerned with the worshipping of a deity but with the enlightenment of an individual. To achieve this we use a combination of traditional philosophy, spiritual philosophy and scientific theory. What we teach therefore, offers the reassurance of being based upon some of our greatest thinkers, both past and present. We hope that this web site will contribute in some manner to your personal journey of self-discovery and we particularly hope you will be one of the many that have achieved peace of mind through our teachings and support.

NB. We are currently looking for affiliates who are interested in contributing high quality articles and information to this site. If you are interested please email us with your suggestions.

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