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Left: Hindu symbol of Ajna Chackra , as depicted by Swami Satyananda Saraswati.  [Source: "Theories of the Chakras" by H. Motoyama, p210).

The Ājnā Chakra


Description by various Yoga texts:


Yoga-shikkā Upanishad description -  Ājnā (command), which lies between the eyebrows and has two petals, is the highest of the wheels. It is here that is set up, upside down, the great seat called Uddāyāna. [Chapter I, verse 175]

Shat-chakra-nirupana - The excellent Sādhaka, whose Ātmā (the True Self) is nothing but a meditation on this Lotus, is able quickly to enter another's body at will, and becomes the most excellent among Munis (those who are accomplished in dhyiina yoga), and is all-knowing and all-seeing.  He becomes the benefactor of all, and is versed in all the Shāstras (sacred texts and commentaries).  He realizes his unity with the Brahman and acquires excellent and unknown powers (Siddhi).  Full of fame and long-lived, he ever becomes the Creator, Destroyer, and Preserver of the three worlds. [Verse 34]

Gorakshashtakam description with the gaze fixed on the tip of the nose (and) meditating on the deity, resplendent as a pearl, that resides in the center of the brows (the Ājnā Chakra), one becomes full of bliss. [Verse 84]

Also known as: Consciousness Awareness Center, Third Eye, Ajna


Location: Centre of the forehead


Associated Color: Indigo, Midnight Blue


Symbol & Element: Thought; Pyramid


Astrology sign: Higher expression of all signs


Physiological influences: This Chakra is associated with the forehead and temples, and the carotid plexus


Endocrine gland: Pituitary Gland


Sense: Extra Sensory Perception, Telepathy; Clairvoyance


Consciouse Development Aspect: This Chakra is said to be associated with the deep inner level of being that we call the Spirit and the deeper part of our being that western traditions consider the subconscious or unconscious Also known as the brow Chakra or third eye center, it is related to the act of seeing, both physically and intuitively.  On activation it is believed we intuitively see the high aspects of existence.  Why we are here? What is the meaning of life?  All these questions become clear as we enter a new level of understanding.


UMO Perspective: Through this chakra we begin to become aware of our interconnectivity or oneness with all existence.  On activation it creates a feeling of bliss and one develops a strong sense of detachment.  We enter into a reflective mood and embedded intuitive knowledge on the absolute reality begins to surface.


Left: Location of Ajna Chakra - Center of forehead above the brow running diagonally down to back of head.

Left: C.W. Leadbeater's pictorial description of the Forehead chakra (Ajna). [Source: "The Chakras" by C.W.Leadfbeater].