The Chakras - an cccount by Martin E. Moore


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This text is concerned with describing a personal account of the Chakras by Martin E. Moore, Author and founder of the Universal Mind Organisation. As was mentioned earlier, anyone trying to find  a consistent account of the Chakras will quickly realise there is no such thing.  Although there is a great deal of material written about the Chakras, much of it is conflicting and inconsistent.  For this reason it is not uncommon for people to become disillusioned with the exploration of the Chakras during the early stages of investigation.  Ancient Hindu scripture describes the Chakras as being concerned with the illumination and the spiritual awakening of mankind, and I will now explain why I agree with this account by sharing with you my personal experience with the Chakras.    As I mentioned previously there are two ways of Chakra activation, the natural way and the forced attempt.  My awakening was a mixed of the two.

Many years ago I became totally disillusioned with life to the point where I almost came close to a nervous breakdown.  These were dark and troublesome days for me at the time but unbeknown to me I was about to enter a Golden age of self discovery.  One of the few benefits of being in a state of utter disillusionment was that I became totally unbiased as my desperation for answers made me receptive to previously discarded viewpoints.  For the first time in my life I was willing to listen to anyone and read about anything.  Not too long into my search , I was introduced to some books written by an author called Joel S. Goldsmith who had founded a movement called the Infinite Way in the 1940's - 50's.  His mission was basically to reveal to man their divine identity, or to put it more subsequently, to suggest to man that there true identity was God.  Incidentally, such views are also part of the Hindu and Buddhist teachings so it is not as radical as you may think (remember the body is the temple of God analogy).  This was exactly the kind of material I would have discarded with utter pessimism and contempt a few months previously, but in my newfound receptive state I decided to give it a chance.  As I continued to read his material over a period of months I became overawed and found it difficult to believe what was being suggested, yet at the same time, I felt a strange connection and receptiveness to what was being said.  Figuratively speaking, it was as if a spark had been ignited within.  The problem for me at the time was that he provided little reasoning or logic to back up his teachings, he was in many respects asking for an act of faith, but this was something I could never do.  If it was not for the overwhelming intuitive connection I felt within I would have dismissed the books as the rantings of a mad man and moved on.

Instead of dismissing it out of hand I became consumed with a need to uncover a deep and methodological reason (I used to be a computer programmer) of how it could be conceivably possible that I could be God. My particular concept of God at the time was typical of many brought up in a Christian society and it conjured an image of an interfering being (although not quite the Hollywood old man with long beard routine) who would assign rewards and punishments after so-called death.  I never accepted this version of God and I certainly could not see any reason how I could possibly be connected to it in anyway whatsoever.  The whole thing sounded too ridiculous, but the feeling within was so strong and compelling that I knew there was something in it.  I became fanatical in my search.  I would read for seven hours or more each day and contemplate on the issues for the remainder of the day.  I became completely consumed with the issue of the God-self.  After many months of frantic meditation I eventually found my connection - it was through MIND.   We are related to this universal being because all of existence occurs within mind.  Once I saw this connection, and relealised my previous notion of God was simply ridiculous and absurd, I was able to see the bigger picture.  Existence occurs within mind and mind is all there is, therefore, we, as a fully functioning mind, posses a oneness with the totality of existence (a thing I call the Universal Mind).  The more I read and contemplated on this issue the more I was filled with a blissful peace, a peace incomparable with any other emotional condition I had previously experienced.  One particular day (a few months after my initial search) I developed a pain in the top of the head but I refused to let it intrude on my contemplation.  It continued for most of the night until about 11:30pm when the pain became almost unbearable, but just before it got to the point of ingratiating pain I heard a popping noise above my head and felt the sensation of energy gushing out through the crown region.  The pain instantly subsided and I was filled with an overwhelming sense of peace and harmony.  I had no idea what had happened I was just happy the pain had subsided.  I remembered reading a book on the Chakras many years ago, it made no sense to me then but I did remember it mentioning a crown Chakra so the next day I went to the local library to read up on the subject.  To my amazement I discovered the Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) was associated with the God-head and was associated with God-self realisation.   Given that I was meditating on my my God-self (my oneness with a universal mind) and given that this Chakra seemed to spontaneously open after being consumed with this realisation, it was, needless to say, strong personal evidence that I was on the right path.

Despite this experience there were days when I was overcome with extreme doubt, the implications were just far too great for my limited sense of self to accept.  I had come from a completely sceptical background and I found myself constantly battling with my former self for the supremacy of my mind.  I would go from unshakable belief in this new notion of self to complete scepticism in the course of a few hours.  Whenever I contemplated on my God-self (the realisation that all of existence occurs within mind)  I was overcome with that same sense of blissful peace I had experienced when my Crown Chakra first opened, and whilst this lasted I was filled with an unshakable confidence, but if this wasn't present, I resorted to my former scepticism.  It must seem strange that I could transform from one state of mind to another in such a short space of time, but this was because I had come such a long way in such a short space of time, and subsequently there was little time for me to fully absorb and assimilate the information, a benefit of living in the information age.  Whenever I became disillusioned I would sit and concentrate my attention (a yoga technique) on the crown Chakra, forcing it to activate thus bringing that blissful peace back around me.   The feeling was of such a paranormal nature that it instantly overcame any remaining scepticism.  I continued to do this until the scepticism subsided, a process which took several months.

At the same time I also developed an obsession with the remaining Chakras.  By controlling my breathing and focusing my concentrating on each Chakra location I was able to activate the remaining six within a few weeks.  I managed to get the brow (Ajna) Chakra fully functioning within a few days although I suspect this was partially opened around the same time as the crown.  The rest was opened over the course of a few weeks but I can't remember in what order.  Initially I was excited, I had read that the opening of the Chakras gifted psychic ability and led to the experiencing of paranormal events.  In particular, I had read that the opening of the Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra allowed one to leave the body at will and I was initially frilled at this prospect.  However, I found that such claims were over exaggerated.  Spurred on by such prospects I obsessively worked each Chakra for half-an-hour each day, but after four months I had experienced very little.  However, I did seem to become more sensitive, I saw lights in the darkness (purple, white and blue usually) and I did feel that someone or something was influencing my thoughts.  I would often experience profound insights, answers were always forthcoming.  Certainly I found that whenever I was seeking something that was beyond my present cognitive ability (i.e. I was unable to digest an insight due to a complete lack of knowledge in that area) I would find the answer in a short space of time.  Many times when I was in deep contemplation I would be compelled to switch on the TV for no apparent reason, and hey presto, a documentary on a related issue was being aired (usually through the open university programmes).  When I would walk around the library I would glance at a book on a shelf in a loation I had no intention of going to and feel compelled to pick it up and subsequently found it contained some specific answers on questions I was trying to answer at that time.  This may sound a little over the top, but I can assur you, these events were beyond coincidence.  In short, opening the Chakras marked a new area in the development of my consciousness but not paranormal ability.

That is not to say I have not experience extraordinary experiences, for I have, they were just not as frequent as I had been lead to believe.  I was able to leave my body but this was through me following a number of exercises outlined by an author (Robert Monroe) in a book on Astral Projection, although I did not find this easy and it took a great deal of time and labour to make happen.  Whether or not I would have been able to do this before my crown Chakra was opened I am unable to say.  I found psychic ability increased over a lengthy period as opposed to instantaneously, in my experience the more I made use of my intuitive ability the stronger it became, it did not miraculously appear with the functioning of the Chakras (another thing I had been lead to believe).  I also experienced some other noteworthy conditions, these included:

Increased Sexual Desire - I became easily aroused and experienced increased sexual tension, sometimes my mind would be completely preoccupied with sex and some of these thoughts took on an almost sinister animalistic nature.  This is a common occurrence of Chakra awakening and has been recorded by many Gurus and authors on Chakra Theory.  This is believed to be connected to the awakening of the Muladhara and the Svadhishthana and possibly the accidental awakening of the lower primal Chakras (these are believed to exist below the Muladhara and are related to our animal past and usually remain closed but the awakening of Kundalini energy can sometimes energise them).

Heightening of Emotions - Sometimes whilst hearing about the plight of others I would often become highly emotional.  When watching films for example, I would often end up crying at happy endings or at the plight of others.  I'm laughing to myself as I write this but it was an unusual experience at the time.

Detachment From the Material Scene - I would often become overwhelmed with the feeling that this world had nothing to offer me.  This was particularly prevalent after activating the forehead (Ajna) Chakra.  I would develop a complete sense of detachment from this world and the events within it.  This detached attitude could be a calming beautiful experience at times but at others times it proved hazardous. For example, whilst driving the car I would frequently loose concentration as I drifted into a blissful detached state.  Certainly I could not do serious thinking after activating this Chakra and a task that required a rudamentary level of concentration took much longer than usual.

Awareness of a Greater Reality - If there is one interesting thing about the Chakras it is that it leaves you in absolutely no doubt that we are more than just flesh and blood and that there is more to our life than meets the eye.  This is particularly prevalent with the top two Chakras.  The forehead produces a soft warm glowing feeling that surpasses normal emotional experiences, and I would even go so far as to describe it as a truly spiritual experience.  I find this emotion is often heightened after waking from sleep having activated them the night before.  However, the most unusual experience is produced by the crown Chakra.  It is often described as producing a blissful peace and I can certainly relate to this description, however this is far too mundane a description to do it justice.  One enters into a state of mind that is so difference from normal conditions that it is hard to put it into words (I have often heard it described as super consciousness).  It feels as if you have been drugged with a bliss pill (don't you wish they existed?) only you are still in complete control of your faculties and able to think quite clearly.  Often whilst working this Chakra with my eyes closed I would feel as if I was in an immense space devoid of any activity or movement.  In the early days when I found myself drifting back to sceptical mode I would activate this Chakra and the scepticism would be removed.

A word of warning

When I was involved in working the Chakras on a daily basis I began to develop nervous fatigue.  I have subsequently read of Gurus who have suffered mental breakdowns as a result of their obsession with the Chakras, and from my experience I can certainly identify with this.  I could wake up feeling quite nervy and anxious and this could continue throughout the day.  I speak in a pre-context because I have since decided to reduce the amount of time I spend on the Chakras.  The one thing that brought some relief was to activate the forehead Chakra and this had the result of quieting my nerves, although it did not cancel it out completely.  I was certain that if I continued I would develop a serious nervous disorder and so I discontinued for a few months, however, I found they would begin working by themselves, to a milder degree, whenever I was relaxed so I could not escape them completely.  It was as if I had slackened or loosened them to the point where they could move by themselves.  Even now I sometimes go weeks before intentionally working with the Chakras and instead just let them move naturally.  To anyone wishing to pursue there own Chakra investigation I would simply recommend that you listen to your body and take a break whenever you feel as if your nerves are becoming worn.  I must emphasis that the Chakras are not dangerous and there is no need to suffer negative emotions if a sensible mature approach is taken.  Those Gurus that have encountered nervous breakdowns have, in my opinion, pursued them to excessive degrees and have chosen to ignore the warning signs.

Why should the Chakras affect the nerves?  There are a few possibilities.  Firstly, the Chakras are bringing energy of various frequencies into your body (you can actually feel this happening) and this energy must have some kind of impact on the nervous system.  It is possible that too much could overload the system resulting in some form of short circuit.  Some practitioners such as Leadbeater claim that only those in a stable state of mind should attempt activation.  This could have some baring because the Chakras are related to conscious expansion and if the user is of a lowly developed mind then the Chakra energy could prove incompatible with their present level of development (remember forcing the Chakras to open is an unnatural process).  Certainly I have not suffered any adverse side effects lately, and I would consider my state of mind to be unrecognisable from my previous state of many years past, although the fact I have also chosen to exercise my Chakras sparingly could has some baring on this matter.  Everyone will probably have different levels of tolerance but if you listen to your body you should not encounter problems.

Why do we have Chakras?

One thing that was revealed to me was that the introduction of mankind was no accident but a predestined occurrence.  Everything in the universe is evolving into something.  Planetary bodies evolve into existence over lengthy periods, governments evolve from despotism to democracy, society from tribalism to unity etc.  Mankind however, is born ignorant and embarks on a voyage of discovery, a journey that engulfs our entire lifetime.  We may develop a career, bring up a family or become involved in a hobby, but the one thing that remains constant is our desire to understand what life is all about.  Why am I here? What purpose do I serve? Is there any meaning to life? These are the questions that lie at the very core of our existence.  We do exist for a reason, and we are more than simply flesh and blood.

During the high period of chakra activation I was constantly bombarded with insights (or eurika moments). What came to me was not usually of a detailed nature but tended to come in the form of short sharp bursts, and it was not uncommon for me to forget much of what was revelled . This was because much of this knowledge was totally alien and was beyond my present intellect. It was a bit like when I first picked up a serious philosophy book for the first time - I read the first chapter and found I could only recall a few lines of text. I suppose It's hard to see the top of the mountain from the bottom but from the top I see all.

Eventually I had to start writing everything down so I could contemplate on the issues later. One thing is for sure - mankind's destiny is to gain super consciousness (self realisation).  We were meant to become intelligent and we are meant to discover that we are part of a greater reality and the Chakras are simply a tool to facilitate us in this task. The reason why they exist and how they are designed to function are far too detailed to discuss here, anyone requiring a detailed explanation should read my book: The Universal Mind & I (it can be ordered via your local library if you are on a low income).

When I first started utilising the Chakras I was about as confused as they come, nothing made any sense to me, but shortly after becoming involved with the Chakras I was hit with insight after insight.  These insights needed to be expanded upon over many years in order to derive a detail comprehensible explanation, and so it is important to understand that the Chakras are not a gateway to instant illumination.  From my experience, universal knowledge is provided through insight but the student must then spend time contemplating and expanding this insight in order to obtain a detailed understanding.  At one time I was hit with an insight of why our universe exists (discussed in detail in the aforementioned book), and for a fraction of a second everything made sense, but within a few seconds my newfound knowledge seemed to drain away until I was left with a minute impression.  This was a typical experience.  One is hit with a profound insight and then you are left to try and reconstitute the pieces back together through long periods of contemplation.  The level of progression depends upon how long an individual can spend in contemplation, if no time is put aside, working the Chakras will not lead to enlightenment.  This is a very important point for some authors claim that working certain Chakras will produce such and such a result, which is nonsence (at least in my experience).  The insights are immensely important but it is contemplation that expands and provides the catalyst for growth.  To evolve one must constantly replace the old ignorant thoughts with the new and the more time you spend doing this the quicker you will evolve.

Can the Chakras increase our health?

There are some that suggest the Chakras can affect physical conditions, however, I have not notice any particular health benefits.  I do remember suffering from a bad back at a time when I was frantically involved with the Chakras and the only thing that cured it was replacing my computer chair with a more ergonomically designed one, the Chakras made no particular difference.  On the whole however I have always been in good health, but then I was in general good health before the Chakras came into my life so I am unable to testify whether or not the Chakras have healing properties.  It is worth noting however that the Chakras are believed to open only when one begins to consciously evolve (or force the Chakras to open through Yoga exercises or mental projection), which implies at some point they are closed.  If this is so then there must have been a long period of our lives when our Chakras were closed, which means we should have all been suffering from adverse conditions, but as children we tend to be our healthiest.  I witness many lowly developed people and I find it difficult to see how there higher Chakras could be functioning, yet they still seem to posses good health.  Opening the Chakras will undoubtedly have a physiological effect but I'm not sure if it will result in constant good health (ask me in 30 years time).

Seeking advice

I would generally recommend that one reads up on the subject and seek professional advice before attempting Chakra activation. however, a word of warning from those seeking advice from so-called experts.  I have talked to many who claim to have their Chakras operational but after a few preliminary questions I am in no doubt they clearly have not.  Furthermore, I was only recently viewing a web site where the author was promoting themselvesas as a spiritual adviser.  She was giving advise to a reader about helping her Cat get its Heart (Anahata) Chakra operational.  To my surprise they did not point out to the reader that animals do not posses the same number of Chakras as humans.  A Cat cannot possibly evolve to the same level of understanding as a Human and therefore would never posses the higher Chakras.  In fact animals are believed to only posses a root (Muladhara), yet the practitioner seemed totally oblivious to this.  To be fair I could have been misled on this matter.

Additionally, there are some offering a Chakra balancing service.  This is where a practitioner is said to use their psychic ability to bring another's Chakras into alignment (i.e. all operate to the same degree).  What many fail to understand is that everyone's Chakras operate according to their particular level of understanding (incidentally some will not even be open) regarding particular areas of universal knowledge (i.e. each Chakra is concerned with a particular element of knowledge that is necessary to achieve universal consciousness).  It is possible to become illumined to particular knowledge (e.g. the god-self) whilst lacking knowledge in other areas.  For example, in the early stages my crown Chakra would operate by itself throughout the day because I had become illumined to this particular aspect of life first, but the lower Chakras remained stagnant most of the time.  This clearly shows, at least to me, that the level of Chakra activation corresponds to the level of knowledge one has obtained in a particular area.  From this, one can see that everyone's Chakras will operate to different degrees depending upon there level of understanding in particular areas of existence.  Therefore assuming someone could balance another's Chakras, they would instantly revert back to their previous state as soon as they left the practitioners company because the degree to which they are operational corresponds to their particular state of mind.  Fortunately many of us live in a place where we can express ourselves through free speech, unfortunately, this means that anyone and everyone can claim to be an expert. 


The Chakras do exist and they definitely exist to assist us to evolve to a higher level of being (through the embracement of universal truth).  Through the use of the Chakras I was able to gain enlightenment at a much faster rate than contemplation alone would have allowed.  Within Three years I was able to understand why our universe exists, the purpose we serve as beings, why we suffer, how miracles can occur, the meaning behind life etc.  Basically, I was able to answer the vast majority of questions I had sought the answer to for the better part of my life.  I am now at a stage where I am incorporating this knowledge into my life so that truth becomes the very core of my existence, a process that will undoubtedly last beyond this lifetime.  How do I know that the Chakras are associated with knowledge?  Whenever I begin contemplating on the higher aspect of life that were revealed to me long ago, my higher Chakras begin functioning on there own accord.  The more I focus in on this knowledge the faster they rotate.  Given that knowledge causes the Chakras to activate, this clearly demonstrates that the Chakras are associated with knowledge.  Hence I am in agreement with ancient Hindu scripture that suggest that Chakra activation is responsible for an increase in knowledge resulting in illumination, although this will only occur if one combines Chakra activation with contemplation.  One however does not have to forcibly activate the Chakras in order to obtain illumination, in my case I was fortunate to benefit from others hard work and this opened most of my Chakras through a natural process. 

An important benefit of the Chakras lies in their esoteric qualities.  In particular, when one manages to get the throat, forehead and crown Chakra functioning it produces an experience of such  magnitude that one is left in absolutely no doubt that we are more than what we appear to be.  In our hectic life styles it is all too easy to become hypnotised into accepting a purely materialistic viewpoint, anyone able to invoke these Chakras however will constantly be reminded of a greater hidden reality.  This, combined with the fact the Chakras help us develop consciously make their activation a worthy, although not a necessay, pursuit.

I hope you find this information of some interest.

Martin E. Moore

(Author, and founder of the Universal Mind Organisation)