Leadbeater's Chakra Theory  

Leadbeater's positioning of the Chakras differs slightly from traditionally accepted locations in that there is no Manipura and the Anahata (heart) is slightly to the right of the central column. Instead of the Manipura he allocates a spleen Chaka (3rd from bottom).

Leadbeater claims to have seen been able to see the Chakras and so provides a detailed description concerning there colour, location, and the number of spokes/petals each had. The table below highlights his findings.


Name                  No. of petals     Associated vertebrae   Associated nerve plexus
Crown                    972                  n/a                                  n/a               

Brow or Frontal      96                    1st cervical                     Caratid
Throat                    16                     3rd cervical                    Pharyngeal
Heart                      12                    8th cervical                     Cardiac
Navel                      10                    8th thoracic                    Coelac or solar
Spleen                     6                      1st lumbar                      Splenic
Coccygeal               4                      4th sacral                        Coccygeal

Leadbeater's replacement of the Manipura with the spleen Chakras has obviously caused a great deal of controversy, however, this is not the only original suggestion he made. He also challenged how the Charaks should be perceived. He was the first to suggest that Chakras are energy/cosiousness transformers, linking the various subtle bodies (the etheric body, the astral body, the mental body, etc) by stepping down the frequency of the consciousness-energy of the higher body, so it can be received by the lower one. This challenges the Indian and Tibetan traditions, where the Chakras are described as subtle centres of consciousness, but have no energy-status of their own.

Most esoteric writers now tend to agree that the Chakras are energy/consciousness receivers and transmitters that enable the person to assimilate the cosmic vitality that is so necessary for physical and mental well-being.