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Left: Hindu symbol of the Visuddha (Translates as: purity) Chakra, as depicted by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. [Source: "Theories of the Chakras" by H. Motoyama, p232).

The Vishuddha Chakra


Description by Various Yoga Texts:


Yoga-shikkā Upanishad description - Inside the throat cavity there lays a wheel of sixteen sides called the Vishuddhi (purity). The seat named Jālandhāra is held steadfast in there. [Chapter I, verse 174].

Shat-chakra-nirupana - He who has attained complete knowledge of the Ātmā (Brahman) becomes, by constantly concentrating his mind in this Lotus, a great Sage, eloquent and wise, and enjoys uninterrupted peace of mind.  He sees the three periods, and becomes the benefactor of all, free from disease and sorrow, and long-lived, and, like Hamsa (here, Antarātmā the true-self, that dwells by the pericarp of the Sahasrdra chakra), the destroyer of endless dangers. [Verse 31].

Gorakshashtakam description – In the center of the throught is the Vishuddi charka, the source of nectar; meditating (on it) with the gaze fixed on the tip of the nose continuously, one becomes identified with Brahman. [Verse 83].

Also known as: Cornucopia Center, Throat


Location: Base of throat


Associated Color: Sky Blue


Symbol & Element: Ether; Circle


Astrology sign: Higher expression of all signs


Physiological influences: Thyroid; Neck; Ears; Respiratory system


Endocrine gland: Thyroid Gland


Sense: Hearing


Conscious Development Aspect: Although associated with communication it is also associated with creativity and intuitiveness.  Through the development of our intuition we begin to enhance our creativity and by doing this we begin to finally balance the harshness of rationality and materiality.  Before we ask what creativity has to do with producing a higher state of consciousness we should note that a civilisation cannot count itself as a great one unless it has a strong arts and cultural perspective.  How then can mankind, as a member of a cultured society, evolve themselves to their greatest without a similar perspective?  Developing an eloquence of being requires that our creativity be enhanced.  Our ability to communicate and express ourselves and even our ability to develop creative answers to complex problems are enhanced through this Chakra.


UMO Perspective: Mankind has always strived to come to terms with the rational and irrational.  Although we appreciate the benefits of logic and the need for order, we are also compelled to become involved in apparent meaningless activities.  We read books, watch plays, paint or even take a walk in the country.  All work and no play not only makes jonney a dull boy but it also makes for a unfulfilling existence.  In coming to terms with our intuitive nature we take a step closer to completion by combining the irrational with the irrational into a cohesive whole, and in so doing, we build a bridge to a high sate of consciousness.  We leave our animalistic existence behind and make contact with a deeper inner world.


Left: Location of the Throat Chakra - slightly below Adams Apple.



Left: C.W. Leadbeater's pictorial description of the Throat chakra (Vishudda). [Source: "The Chakras" by C.W.Leadfbeater].