The Universal Mind & I - Digital Download

Why do we offer this book for only £1.50

There is a tendency to believe that we always get what we pay for - using such an argument you may wonder what you would be getting for the miserly sum of £1.50. The answer is you will be getting a full edition of a 180 page book currently available through all good book stockists, including retailing for approximately£10. What you may not realise is that after general seller and distribution fees an author generally receives less than 10 per cent of all royalty sales, which means by offering this book for digital download at £1.50 we loose nothing and yet get to offer this book to a greater level of audience. Read a book that will stimulate your mind and transform how you think about life - for less than the price of a bus ticket.

If you wish to take advantage of this offer you need to have a copy of Adobe Reader present and you can make a sequre payment via PayPal. Download The Universal Mind & I now for only £1.50.


Unearth the ancient mysteries of life. Read the book that is setting the spiritual community alight with intrigue, controversy and vigorous debate. The Universal Mind & I - Intelligent Spiritual Philosophy for a new age