We exist for a perfectly logical reason and understanding who or what we are is the key mission of each and every one of us. Unfortunately we become easily distracted from our goal, mainly because we must fulfill certain needs, and mainly because unearthing this mystery can seem too complicated a task and so we file it in the 'must come back to at a later date' folder. Nevertheless, achieving self-discovery is a predestined event and one that is beginning to unfold as we enter a golden age of discovery.

A common view, especially in the western world, is that we are the creation of another being, the UMO's stance however is that we are part of a greater universal being. The difference between the two is in how we see ourselves in terms of being. We can obtain a oneness with a universal being by being internal to it, whereas being external means we are always destined to remain seperate and disconnected from it.

Mankind was not brought into existence because some being requires us to worship it, nor are we here to beg forgiveness for our sins. We are here to fulfill a universal principle. We are destined to become omnipotent and omniscient because in so doing we become the Universal Mind as it would appear within the realm of separation. This is the reason we exist and it is through this realisation we become self-aware. This inclusive viewpoint has existed for thousands of years. Buddhism speaks of attaining oneness, Hinduism speaks of the God within (the body being the temple of God), and even Christianity holds the idea that "Man was created in the image and likeness of God". All these ancient teachings point to a realization that we are part of something greater and that greater something lies dormant within us waiting for us to awaken to its presence. The Chakra system is our universal mind within and through illumination and enlightenment this dormant presence is released.

In opposites states there is something real. The fact that not one thing in existence can exist without an opposite state of being (e.g. up/down, light/darkness, hot/cold etc.) indicates that the path to discovering why we exist must lie within its domain. There is more to existence than our universe and we are more than what we currently perceive. Like our universe we are part of something greater. Our universe is but one half of a totality, a thing we call the Universal Mind but which some have chosen to call God. Like every other thing in existence the Universal Mind has an opposite state of being and that being is Mankind. We have the ability to achieve the very heights of being and we can do this because we are a mind. It is our mind that allows us to exist for our entire life takes place within it. Existence is dependent upon mind and when we appreciate this fully we can begin to appreciate that all of existence takes place within a mind, a Universal Mind. Investigating this phenomena occupies the very heart and soul of the UMO.

Many religious philosophies attempt to bombard the student with impressive but meaningless statements in the hope of sounding imposing. Many attempt to keep its students in a perpetual state of prayer and worship, which will undoubtedly provide a sense of purpose, but will provide little in the way of answers. They provide instruction rather than enlightenment. Here at the UMO we cannot bypass questions such as "why would an all-powerful being have wants and desires?", instead we welcome them as a source of truth. We ask the deep penetrating questions that many brush aside and we asnswer them using one underlyning principle, the principle of opposites.

The core of our philosophy relates to the the findings outlined in "From Nothing to Everything, The Universal Mind & I". Here we show how our Universe came to be and why everything in our Universe functions the way it does. Through this detailed explaination we identify why we are caught in an evolutionary cycle that encompasses a beginning and end, and why a thinking rational being lies at the center of existence. We were predestined to exist because we fulfill a universal principle comming into manifestation and revealling that principle is our mission. We do not accept one particular philosophy contains the ultimate truth but believe that each contains elements of wisdom as well as ignorance. By taking the best of each on offer, and by adding some new original thinking of our own, we hope to produce a philosophy for a new age, one that will be a product of great wisdom.

Through reading our philosophy excerpts you are now in a position to decide if you would like to investigate our philosophy further, if so you can purchase one of our books or become an affiliated member and offer contributions. Whatever your choice we wish you well in your journey.