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The UMO is a philosophical progressive movement dedicated to the promotion of the Universal Mind Theory, which itself, is concerned with mankind achieving self-realisation (to undestand why we exist). Our aim is to reveal mankind's true purpose for being, and in so doing, reveal to man their ultimate goal. We are not a religious movement but we could easily fall into the category of 'spiritual' because we believe mankind was predestined to exist, as opposed to being a freak accident. The Universal Mind theory does not uphold the ridiculous notion that there is a wrathful god out there rewarding its followers and holding a grudge against the non-beleivers. In fact some of the principles we promote are embedded within ancient spiritual philosophy such as Buddhism and Hinduism and even share views associated with the Christ Mind concept of Christian Science and a Course in Miracles.

There are obviously limitations to the amount of information we can provide on this website but by viewing the weblinks under 'UM Philosophy' you can gain a preliminary understanding of what we are about, there is also free material in the supporting literature link which we will build upon over time. We hope that this web site will contribute in some manner to your personal journey of self-discovery and we particularly hope you will be one of the many that have achieved peace of mind through our teachings and support.

We are currently looking for affiliates who are interested in contributing high quality articles and information to this site. If you are interested please email me with your suggestions.

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All the various religions have been stepping stones in trying

to discover why we are here and what purpose we serve.