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Have you ever asked the questions: "why am I here?" and "Why does everything exist?" or"What is the purpose to life?"

You will not be surprised to find that you are not alone. In fact, it would be safe to assume that everybody has asked these very same burning questions at some point in their life. We ask them intermittently, usually when life is going badly. Unfortunately, because the answers to these questions are plagued with complexity, the majority give up searching long before any firm conclusions are reached. The tendency is to drift back into following the same senseless and unfulfilling pattern to life that led us to question it in the first place. Dismayed and confused, "we just get on with it" the best we can.

We are in many respects lost in the wilderness, not knowing how we got here or what purpose we serve. Some suggest there is no point to it all and that we as well as everything else in existence is just the product of some freak accident. Science provides us with such an explanation in the form of the Big Bang theory but yet provides no explanation as to why the big bang occurs in the first place. Science would suggest that in an infinite reality anything is possible, therefore why not our universe and why not mankind? Such explanations provide little nourishment to those hungry for some real underlining explanation. To those seeking a deeper understanding regarding existence, science provides little, or at least little they can relate to.

There is no doubt that scientific discovery has propelled society into unprecedented levels of sophistication. Its contribution to our life has been immense. Yet all science really has to offer is an explanation of HOW things happen in our universe. To those seeking the WHY'S we must leave science to its observations of the material universe and enter into the realms of meditative philosophy, the true path to enlightenment. In doing this we turn our focus of attention onto the cause as opposed to observing the effect. Philosophy comes in many varieties but perhaps the most successful is that which could be termed spiritual philosophy. In the West we have Christianity, in the East there is Buddhism, Muslimism and Hinduism to name but a few. Each of these offer their own distinctive explanation of why everything exists. However, the problem for us is that although each claims to be founded on truth it is not uncommon for them to disagree with one another. Deciding who should be believed can often leave us in a more confused state than when we first started.

In the West Religion is on the decline. As the population increases their level of intelligence they are no longer willing to accept another's word without a detailed explanation. Science has taught us that there is a perfectly logical reason why everything happens, however, anyone that turns to religion for consistent answers, quickly find them lacking in both logic and reason. The ancient spiritual philosophies have never before come under such scrutiny, and sadly, when probed with deep penetrating questions; they are exposed as lacking in real answers. Yet despite this quandary spirituality is ever present in our modern society. Despite our scientific advancement and cultural sophistication the question of WHY still burns deep within us all. Where then lies the solution?

The Universal Mind Organisation (UMO) was established with the intent to bring rationality and logic to the forefront of spiritual investigation. We recognise that if spirituality is to advance forward it must proceed onto a more rationally advanced level. It must meet the intelligent demands of a new age society. The term spiritual has become attached to so many movements and wide ranging teaching that it has in many respects become devoid of any real meaning. However, here at the UMO we see spiritual investigation as a scientific field of investigation that focuses on unveiling the cause behind effect, the why's of existence. By making this distinction we deliberately draw a dividing line between spiritual science and orthodox science.

Here at the UMO we believe that there are no mysteries only answers to questions that have been overlooked. Our aim is to build an all-encompassing philosophy that explains the the why's of life. We believe the mind to be unlimited in capacity and as such we have the capacity to unearth the greatest mysteries of life. The path to enlightenment is not in understanding how our universe exists but in understanding why it exists. It is our goal to unearth and debate these why's in a clear, precise, intelligent manner.

A new age of intelligent spiritual investigation is about to begin.

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