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Life After Death

Could there be a heaven, a state of Nirvana where harmony and fulfillment reigns supreme. Nearly every religious text suggests there is. Could it be that we are born with an innate understanding of a greater reality which we find hard to rationalise. The skeptic suggests there isn't and that we choose to believe in life after death only because we can't face up to the end of our existence.

To the many skeptics the notion that we could live on after death seems a ludicrous one. There reason for believing such a thing is primarily because everything in our Universe apparently comes to an end - everything appears to have a temporal existence. Using this universal law it therefore seems illogical to talk about continuation after death. This in fact was the view of science until only recently. The true fact however, is that the ending of anything is now known to be illusionary.

Science has over the past few decades observed that matter is eternal. That is to say: no new matter is ever added or taken away from our Universe - the things we see before us now will simply transform into something else on there demise. A Star for example, may burn out and even explode into a thousand pieces but its remains are used to construct other Stars, planets and various elements such iron and gold. What this effectively shows is that the concept that there is an absolute end to anything is illusionary, things simply transform into something else. This is an important realization if we are open our mind to the possibility to life continuing after death.

Could death be just the start of a new beginning?

Life has been evolving into a higher state of being for billions of years. Not only has life evolved in this manner, but our society is progressing into a more cooperative unified one (although we are far from finished yet), economies improve with maturity, even our Earth has become a more stable and harmonious place when compared with previous times. Everywhere around us is in the process of evolving into a higher state of being.

Each beginning requires an end but each end also requires a beginning

To understand the reasoning behind beginning and end we need to develop an understanding of opposites. A beginning without an end would be a logical impossibility because before there can be a start there has to be a predetermined finish. Beginning and end are inextricably linked together because opposites rely on each other for there existence. Light relies on darkness because without darkness light could not exist as a definable something. Equally so, before up can exist so must down. This may seem like simplistic notions but they illustrate a very important point: opposites are interconnected and rely on each other for there existence. So when one says everything must come to an end, this is a fair point, but it is equally true that each end must lead onto a new beginning. Indeed science has confirmed this actuality by confirming that everything comes to an end but then transforms into something else in an eternal fashion.

Is the Concept of End an Illusionary Event?

If an end cannot exist without a new beginning, and this seems to be a universal law, then death could be just the continuation of an evolutionary journey - a progression into a higher state of being. Did a thinking rational being evolve into existence over billions of years just to disappear without meaning? I suppose it is fair to suggest that if we were to live on after death there would have to be some grand purpose to our existence in the first place. That is to say we are not a freak of nature but a predestined event that fulfills some universal purpose.

Of course this beckons the questions everyone asks: "what logical reason is there for believing we continue to live on? What would we be transforming into? The Universal Mind Theory (UMT) provides such an explanation. What we know is that life has been evolving slowly over time to produce a being capable of becoming all-knowing. Mankind represents the end of a very long journey, but the production of mankind is not the absolute end but the end before a new beginning. A beginning that sees us transform into a higher state of being.

The UMT shows that we presently exist within the finite state, but that the finite state is only one half of a greater totality. What we witness here is incomplete because completion lies at the center-point of existence; hence what we witness in our life is a distorted viewpoint of existence. We are presently experiencing life from a viewpoint of separation but there is another dimension which is based on the principles of completion and balance. This center-point is both a state of mind and a physically distinct dimension, more importantly, this dimension represents a shift into a higher state of being.

Think of it this way. There is a north and south to our Earth but there is also a center-point, the place we call the equator. At the equator the climatical conditions are the most favorable because the extremities of the north and south are brought into balance. Likewise there is a center point to existence only things are a little more complicated. We exist in the dimension of separation hence we experience everything associated with separation. Not only do we encounter the beginning and end but we also encounter many other opposite conditions such as: happiness/sadness, stability/instability, pleasure/pain etc. All these condition can only be experience in the dimension of separation; they need not be experienced at the center point.

Separation is illusionary because in reality everything is part of a greater whole. Part of our purpose is to realize this through experience. Hence we evolve from a conscious existence based on separation to one based on oneness and completion. The reasoning behind this is rather complicated but it is part of the eternal wheel of life that embodies a beginning and end. The UMT shows that we evolve from one opposite state to another, from a state of being based on separation to one based on completion. This process is an eternal one where the one mind manifests as many only to merge into oneness once again (like a splash of water eventually merges back into the lake).

What the UMT (see the Universal Mind & I for futher information) demonstrates is that we are destined to evolve into a higher state of being and to do this we must eventually leave the finite state in order to continue this journey. It shows that we are conscious beings and that the physical body is but a tool that allows a conscious being to develop within the finite state. Subsequently it demonstrates that the notion that death is part of some absolute end is based on an erroneous idea that an end is somehow absolute. What the UMT shows is that we exist to facilitate the development of mind and that mind can exist beyond the dimension of dense physicality. Furthermore it shows a logical progression from a lower state of consciousness to a higher one and thus provides a rational reason for the continuation of life. Our life here is but a catalyst for a greater period of growth.

In terms of life after death, the UMT shows why we must exist in the dimension of separation and why we must leave it to continue our evolution into a higher state of being. It provides a rational theory as opposed to seeking an act of blind faith, but most importantly of all, it clearly shows that the premise for believing that we meet with an absolute end is fictitious and totally unfounded.

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