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The Universal Mind & I

By Martin E. Moore.

The Universal Mind & I is synonyms with a new era of intelligent investigation that has been received with enthusiasm by a hungry public seeking a deeper level of spiritual enquiry. Anyone seeking clear and unambiguous answers to the eternal truths will find the contents of this book both compelling and illuminating. 

Laid out in dialogue format the reader is guided through actual conversations that took place between the author and a higher presence. This presence, the Universal Mind, can be viewed as being the higher self-hood that exists within each and every one of us, but which lies dormant and ignored by many. By reading these dialogues you are in fact sharing in one mans epic journey for self-journey.

This engaging text covers the major questions we all ask but provides a greater level of enquiry that is offered by many similar texts. Its ability to explain the underlying complexities of life and present them in a clear and unambiguous manner makes this a must have book for anyone seeking serious answers to the eternal truths of life. All who read it will readily admit that the Universal Mind & I offers a fresh, engaging, and challenging perspective on llife. It is also the first point of call for anyone seeking greater explanations of the principles outlined on our website.
Readers already acquainted with Buddhism, A Course in Miracles, the principles of Yin and Yang, The Infinite Way and Yogi teachings will find an instant affinity with many of the topics in this book.

This book can be purchased at all good stockists including where it is available in paperback and kindle version. Please leave a review to help spread the message.

UM Book Cover


Contents List


The Beginning of the End

DIALOGUE 1 - Religion and the Creation of a God in Mans Image and Likeness 

DIALOGUE 2 - From Nothing to Everything

DIALOGUE 3 - The Universal Mind and the Chakras

DIALOGUE 4 - The Meaning of Life – Polarities, Balance and Harmony

DIALOGUE 5 - Journey Forward – The Illusion of Death

DIALOGUE 6 - Mysticism and Mind Power

DIALOGUE 7 - Ethics – Unity and Harmony through Oneness

The End of the Beginning



Reviews (Rated 5 stars on Amazon)

"An interesting and intriguing Spiritual Journey" - The Sunderland Echo.

"Well written and explained should be part of school syllabus" - Benjamin David Whipp (Amazon Reviewer)

"One of the most important books I've ever read in my life. Unreservedly recommended" - Mr. James D. Davidson (Amazon Reviewer)

"As soon as I picked this book up I just couldn't put it down. More so because the questions I had in my mind, the answers were just waiting for me in this book. I'm new to this area so to begin with it wasn't the easiest of reads, however Martin has a fabulous way of taking a difficult tangle of a concept and unravelling it in to an answer which seems like it should just be good common sense. Even afterwards when I had questions he responded to my email. Definitely worth a read :)" - A Taylor (Amazon Reviewer)



The Mystic Why

By Martin E. Moore.

Building on from the Universal Mind & I, this book expands upon answering those fundamentally important questions of life.  As always I look for logical reasons to answer question such as were we really meant to exist - looking at the science behind the Anthropic Principle and examining Darwin’s Theory of Evolution to support the widely held believe that mankind (or more importantly a humanoid) was always destined to come into existence.  I examine Quantum mechanics in a light hearted way to see if science can support psychic ability whilst including topics such as Hypnotism, the Placebo affect and divination to highlight the interconnectedness with the power of mind.  I look at life after death once again to combine Near death Experiences (NDE’s) with the Universal Mind theory to show there is a logically reason why life must continue on to a new beginning, and later I show how the UM Theory, if embraced as a philosophy, can improve us s individuals. 

I try never to shy away from the difficult questions in life on the grounds that if anything exists, be it mind over matter or life after death, there must be a logical and rational reason for doing so.  As always I try to make a worthwhile contribution to the soup of knowledge which has transformed my once chaotic life, to one of peace and contentment.

This book is available from Amazon in both paperback and kindle version.



C1- In the Beginning there was always something

C2- The Anthropic Principle

C3 - Mankind a Self Fulfilling Prophecy

C4 - Does anything exist beyond mind

C5 - Mind & Matter

C6 - Opposites is all there is

C7 - The Universal Mind Theory

C8 - Reality is the centerpoint

C9 - The Illusions of what is suggested

C10 - The life after death concept

C11 - The illusion of individuality

C12 - On Religion

C13 - What can the Univesal Mind Philisophy do for me?

C14 - On Relationships

C15 - Question and answers


Released: 08th Feb 2018



(c) 2004-2018 All rights reserved Martin E Moore